Position Descriptions


All board members must attend board meetings (approximately once a month). Board members must support the events planned by fellow board members by attending or assisting in planning. Board members will also be expected to take on ad hoc tasks for the auction. Some individual position descriptions are listed below, but elected individuals may enhance the role as they see fit.


The PILF Co-Chairs are tasked with the general oversight and management of the organization.  Some specific duties include: communication with students, board members, and USF administrators/faculty; conducting meetings; and making pertinent decisions regarding PILF’s goals and initiatives.

On-Campus Auction Coordinator

The On-Campus Auction Coordinator is in charge of facilitating all on-campus fundraising events over the course of the upcoming academic year. This position requires thorough communication/coordination with USF students and faculty, and the Student Bar Association. This student must be willing to dedicate their time early in the Fall Semester in soliciting student and faculty services for a Fall Semester student-centered fundraising event.

Alumni Auction Coordinator

The Alumni Auction Coordinators are in charge of overseeing the solicitation of auction items and facilitating the silent auction portion of off-campus fundraising events. Collectively, the Auction Coordinators will be in charge of managing the grantees, placing them in solicitation teams (Sports & Entertainment, Travel, Activities Around the Bay, and Food & Drinks), and guiding them through the solicitation process. All items that are solicited through this position will be place in silent auction packages and auctioned off at a PILF fundraising event. This position requires thoroughness, organization, and a strong commitment to PILF’s goals.

Events Chair

The Events Chair is responsible for organizing all social and community outreach events. This includes organizing the PILF bar night, monthly community service events, and the PILF Trivia Night. All of these activities require coordination and a joint effort with other student groups and professional organizations.

Web & Media Design

The Web & Media Design Chair updates and maintains PILF’s website, announcement lists, and social media accounts. This person must be responsive to requests by fellow board members, as many things that must be publicized via these channels are extremely time sensitive.

2L Representative/3L Representative

The 2L and 3L Class Representatives keep their respective classes informed about PILF-related events. This includes writing announcements on chalkboards, encouraging fellow students to attend PILF events, and being a point of contact for classmates and their questions regarding PILF summer grant volunteer opportunities and the PILF grant application. An individual pursuing this position should be energetic, personable, and capable of encouraging, as well as producing, turnout at PILF events. Class Representatives help the Events Chair to coordinate volunteer activities and plan the Spring Trivia Night fundraiser, as needed.

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