Grantee of the Week: Christine MacDonald


PILF_8-25National Center for Youth Law is a private, non-profit law office whose purpose is to use legal advocacy to protect children from the harms caused by poverty and to improve the lives of low-income children and families. For over 40 years, NCYL has represented children and adolescents through impact litigation; legislative and administrative advocacy at the national and state levels; and by providing training, technical assistance, and support to child advocates, social services providers, health care providers, and other professionals who work for children and youth. NYCL works to promote children’s rights through four main areas: child welfare, economic security, health/mental health, and juvenile justice.

I will be working in the area of child welfare. NCYL’s goal is to ensure the safety, stability, and well-being of abused and neglected children. NCYL works to reform state foster care systems, promote policies and laws that protect children in foster care, and improve the effectiveness of child advocacy efforts nationwide.

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