Grantee of the Week: Ashley Oddo


This summer I will be working at the Los Angeles Public Defender’s Office. My summer will be split into five-week sessions in two different offices. I have not received my placements yet; however I listed by top five as follows: (1) Pasadena Juvenile, (2) Eastlake Juvenile, (3) SB9 Unit, (4) Pasadena Branch, and (5) Mental Health. I am hoping to gain some experience and insight into juvenile delinquency this summer. The SB9 unit is also an interesting placement because it was formed after the recent enactment of Senate Bill 9. The bill focuses on juveniles who have been sentenced to life in prison and affords them the opportunity of having a resenting hearing after they have served fifteen years in prison. No matter which two units I get placed in, I am excited about spending another summer interning at a Public Defender’s Office. I am honored and thankful to have the opportunity to represent the Public Interest Law Foundation during my summer in Los Angeles, California.

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