Spotlight on 2012 Grantee, Cassandra Jenecke

Cassandra Jenecke is originally from San Jose, CA. At age 10 she moved to Las Vegas and lived there until she went to college at Boston University. This summer she is working at The Pro Bono Project of Silicon Valley.

Why did you choose law school, and why USF in particular?

Location, Location, Location. I wanted to move back to California, specifically the Bay Area, and USF had a focus in public interest that drew me to apply and come once accepted.

What kind of work did you do this summer or what type of projects did you work on?

I will be doing client intake interviews and then doing limited scope representations for clients in Domestic Violence Restraining Order hearings, and various family law hearings for things like child custody, visitation, and support.

What do you find most inspiring about the work you are doing or the organization you are working for?

This is the first time I have been able to engage in client intake interviews and having that sort of interaction is inspiring. The things our clients have been through and the perseverance they have is astounding and it is my privilege to help them in any way I am able.

What would you like to do following law school?

I would like to be a district attorney; however, if I were to focus in civil law, I would have my own family law practice.


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