Spotlight on 2011 PILF Grantee, Rei Teng

By far one of the greatest ways USF Public Interest Law Foundation helps to make an impact in our community is by providing grants to USF Law students who choose to pursue unpaid summer legal work. This past summer, 25 remarkable students were selected to each receive grants of $4,000. We are proud to offer these grants through the generous donations we receive throughout the year as well as through several fundraising events sponsored by USF and PILF.

Our largest fundraising opportunity is the Annual PILF Gala and Auction. This year’s Gala and Auction takes place on November 4th. As the Auction draws nearer, we want to take a moment to introduce our most recent 2011 Summer Grantees in the Q&A’s below.

Rei Teng Talks About Her Summer at San Francisco Bay Area Legal Aid.

Rei Teng is from Taiwan. She attended FuJen Catholic University in Taiwan as an undergraduate. This past summer she worked in the San Francisco Bay Area Legal Aid office in the domestic violence unit.



Why did you choose law school, and why USF in particular?

I wanted to be in California because I cannot stand cold weather at all, as I grew up in a tropical island. USF is known for its commitment to social justice and public interest, which I am particularly drawn to.

What kind of work did you do this summer?

I worked with domestic violence victims. I assisted them throughout the whole proceedings and helped them get a fresh start in their lives. Our help starts from getting a restraining order, divorce, custody of minor children, child support, spousal support, to property division.

What do you find most interesting about the work you are doing or the organization you are working for?

A majority of the lawyers that work at Bay Area Legal Aid went to top law schools like Harvard or Yale. They didn’t choose a career path that will earn them a lot of money; instead, they choose to devote themselves to social justice and public interest work. I sincerely admire their work ethic. They care about our clients, both as attorney, and as friends.

Are you interested in public interest legal work as a career? What sort of law would you like to practice?

Yes. I would love to pursue a career in public interest. I would love to work with violence victims, immigrants, and other minorities.

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